Sussex Loops, Sunday 9th September 2018.

To explore the rolling countryside of North Sussex. The route is comprised of three loops, based on Forest Row. The South Loop – the Ashdown Forest – c12 miles. The North Loop – the Cansiron Loop – c10 miles. The West Loop – the Rural Loop – c9 miles.

Details / Rules. (pdf) (word)

Enter online to event (only 75 places left) (Max= 100)

List of entrants (25)(South=0 SouthNorth=3 SouthNorthWest=22)

Postal Entry Form. (pdf) (word)
Route Description: Available from Mid August

GPX Files: Being Checked. Available from Mid August
click for GPX SOUTH file shown on a map.
click for GPX NORTH file shown on a map.
click for GPX WEST file shown on a map.
click for ALL GPX files shown on a map.
click for Forest Row Parking Map. NOTE: Hillside is for Staff only

Tracking Your Progress Around the Route.
In parallel to the usual paper tracking system we are using the LDWA PACER system.
Entrants will carry a credit card sized tag which will be scanned at the checkpoints.
To see event progress go the link in the reminder email that will go out Early September
This link is also available to the general public.
If you want your name to appear as Anon in the results, please let us know
After the event a results file will be available to download.

Thank you for your co-operation. Chris Baines-Holmes - event organiser.